Investment Strategy

Trading Style

We are an active manager with an absolute return goal; we seek to produce a high return regardless of the overall market’s direction. To this end we are highly nimble and adjust our asset allocation frequently to re-balance our risk exposure as prices change.

Total Portfolio Solution

Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve outstanding long-term investment performance. To this end, we construct highly diversified portfolios that combine traditional and alternative strategies. Portfolios we create can serve as a core holding for all of your investable assets.

Active Management

Generally, we seek to increase our position size when the odds are in our favor and reduce or completely eliminate positions when the odds are not in our favor. We continuously adjust our market exposure to reflect the risk/reward ratio of the current situation. This approach requires a constant eye on the markets as we need to monitor not only asset prices, but also update our estimate of the true value of those assets.

Investment Strategy  / Asset Allocation

Our portfolios have exposure to traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds. In addition, we also enhance returns by using alternative strategies such as volatility arbitrage and option trading. All of our strategies are constructed using highly liquid securities only.