Account Features


  • Each client portfolio is held in a separate account in the client's name at a third-party broker.
  • Client accounts are SPIC insured.
  • We only have a limited power of attorney to make investment decisions. We do not have access to your funds. We do not take custody of your funds.
  • A password code generator card is provided to each client for online account access; providing an additional layer of security.

No Commitments

  • No lockup period and no exit fee
  • Cancel anytime without penalty
  • Withdraw funds anytime

Full Transparency

  • Online access to your account 24/7.
  • Smart phone and tablet compatible (iphone, ipad, and Android).
  • Check historical trading activity, your exact current holdings, and the current value of your account anytime.
  • You can also subscribe to optional email notifications about activity in your account.

Asset Class Diversification

We are unconstrained to use any asset classes and financial products that we think are best for you based on the market environment, including:

  • Stocks - We pick individual stocks that we believe have a better outlook than what the market perceives.
  • Options - We use complex option strategies to fine tune our risk profile and hedge positions.
  • ETFs - We use index fund ETFs to gain diversification as one ETF can hold hundreds of individual securities.
  • Bonds - We buy and sell bond funds to make bets on the direction of interest rates. Bond strategies diversify the portfolio.

No Conflicts of Interest

  • Our interests are aligned with yours. We are independent and unbiased when selecting investment products for you.
  • Other advisors may receive a commission from third party for putting clients in certain products. Our decisions are not affected by any third party because we do not receive any compensation from any third party for any advice or services we provide you. We simply use what we think is best for you.
  • We have no incentive to generate excess transaction costs. Our advisory fee is based on the value of your account or profits in your account, not the number of transactions.

Personal Service

  • Every portfolio is customized for each investor to match individual preferences, goals, and risk tolerance.
  • You will have access to a financial advisor to discuss your investment program any time you wish.


Analyze the performance of your portfolio online by creating and saving customizable presentation-ready PDF reports.

  • Create and save reports based on a set of measurement criteria and optionally compare the data to selected industry benchmarks.
  • Create single-page snapshot PDF reports or multiple-page Detailed PDF reports .
  • Detailed reports can contain one or more analyses, including allocation by sector or asset class, time period or cumulative performance, risk measures, and more.