The Patton Absolute Return Strategy

The Patton Absolute Return Strategy (“ARS”) seeks to achieve positive returns in all market environments through active discretionary trading in U.S. stocks, ETFs, fixed income securities, and related derivatives. Research focuses on identifying divergences between the market’s consensus expectations vs. realized outcomes through a combination of fundamental research on macroeconomic data, global central bank policy, and the impact of major geopolitical events) as well as an analysis of market psychology. On top of the core strategy, an option overlay strategy is used to increase returns by profiting from the volatility risk premium – a known market inefficiency where option prices are systematically overpriced relative to realized volatility.

Available Worldwide

Accounts may be domiciled in many jurisdictions worldwide and funded in a wide range of currencies.

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Gain access to advanced investment strategies normally only available to institutional investors.

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We support all account types including individual, joint, IRA, trust, and institutional.

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